Electronic Health Records(EHR)

Improved workflow

Unified with the Qx Care Practice Management system, patient flow from check-in to departure is streamlined. Workflow from the front desk to physicians to billing office staff is seamless. Documentation is faster using templates, drop-down lists, and more.


Many features within the EMR can be configured on a per provider basis. This means Qx Care will accommodate how the providers like to work; not the other way around.


Electronic Health Records from Qx Care makes it easy to send and receive information – whether it’s an alert to a colleague down the hall, a referral to a specialist across town, or an exchange of data with a hospital in another state. Electronic prescribing is also available.

By providing intelligent insight and comprehensive drill down analysis of complex data from multiple sources, Quintix empowers you with the tools to make informed and weighted decisions that significantly improve business performance. Quintix delivers real value to our clients by facilitating real-time problem solving to make their business processes seamless and transparent. Quintix’s solutions are created and fully tailored with our client’s business in mind. With Quintix, you can focus on strategic goals and priorities because we dramatically simplify your daily routines.

Access Clinical Content

Manage medications, access labs and test results, clinical decision support, and patient education materials are just some of the crucial types of information available in an instant. Provided are the tools needed for healthcare quality measures and patient disease management using built-in Registry and Quality Measure Reporting.