Product Re-engineering

With product re-engineering services, we help you reevaluate customer needs, visualize product roadmap, re-architect the product and develop it using newer technologies.

Data Adaptation

  • Data mapping services, enabling the structure of the components in accordance with the architects plan
  • Data Warehouse acquisition processes of Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETL) data from source systems
  • Data conversion to related standard XML formats, enabling Web Services or SOA based system


  • Integration with other enterprise systems, which are being used by the end-customers
  • Making standard plug-ins / APIs for other enterprise products used in the customer companies

Leveraging our extensive industry and software technology experience, we at Quintix Technology ensure fast, smooth and risk-free product implementation.

Product Implementation

To ensure successful product installation, configuration, and deployment, Quintix Technology services apply rigorous process methodologies to your product implementation projects. Every product implementation has 15 – 20 % customization. Quintix Technology provides product implementation services, ensuring lower cost with speedy implementation.


  • Customer specific workflow and hierarchy implementation
  • Stand-alone modules
  • Addition of features and functionalities as per customers’ requirements
  • Localization and Globalization of GUI